SCULPTURED PLANNING, LLC Corporate Events Planning & Management...Event Logistics & Consulting
SCULPTURED PLANNING, LLCCorporate Events Planning & Management...Event Logistics & Consulting   

Logistics Planning Services for Corporate Functions 



Event Design

Event Flow...

Event Form...


Successful Event Results.



Manage and Handle

  • Liaison & Negotiator to Vendors and Service Providers
  • Select and Manage Event Software Program
  • Create Event Timing, Schedule and Flow 
  • Discuss Client Presentations
  • Prepare Event Floor Seating Diagram
  • Day of Event Registration and Greeting
  • Day of Event Transportation

Client Vision +

Sculptured Planning = Eventful Notable Results


For a consultation,   

call 1.301.918.1992.

Or complete the form on 'contact page'.  Provide a short overview regarding your  event planning requirements.

















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