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SCULPTURED PLANNING, LLCCorporate Events Planning & Management...Event Logistics & Consulting   

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 Client Testimony - Caregivers Relaxing Occasions

As the owner/ operator of a Compan- ion Care business and primary caregiver of my elder father, I am always caring for others.  The Caregivers Relaxing Occasions events have been a blessing and the answer to my prayers.  The events have given me the oportunity to relax and care for myself ment- ally, physcally and spirutually.  The joyful atmosphere is always is always therapeutic to me.  I feel rejuvenated, and relaxed by the end of each event.  I am truly thankful to Scuptured Planning, LLC for catering to the caregiver through Caregivers Relaxing Occasions!! 

Feelng Relaxed

Geraldine Medley-Furbush

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