Client Vision + Sculptured Planning = Events With Notable Results
Client Vision + Sculptured Planning = Events With Notable Results        

Caregivers Relaxing Occasion 

SharonERansom created Caregivers Relaxing Occasions [CRO] a  specialty service to address a very important fact we face today, Caregiver burn-out.  Sharon announced the  CRO service, November 2015.   Planned, hosted and sponsored the first CRO 'Take A Moment to Exhale' luncheon at the Double Tree Hotel, Largo, MD, a sponsor, March 2016.  Hosted the second CRO June, 2016 at the Marriot Suites Joint Base Andrews, a sponsor. Camp Springs, MD.  Asked by a Caregiver to host the third CRO November, 2016 at a private club in NJ.  In 2017 held the fourth Caregiver morning coffee & tea occasion at the Estates, MD.


The concept of CRO is based on the facts Caregivers multi-task on a daily basis and have tremendous responsibilities.  Caregivers rarely regenerate and rejuvenate their minds and bodies which is an important component Caregivers should incorporate into their schedules.  


CROs are designed to give Caregivers 'a moment to unwind in a relaxing setting.  Take a moment to smile and have enjoyable conversations with other caregivers.  CRO's takre place throughout the year.

Take a moment to check the Upcoming Events page for the next CRO.



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Take a Moment to Exhale

Relax, SharonERansom




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